One more reason never to drink Bacardi Breezers


Who is the target market for this? I don’t understand!?!

Also, I like that it skips any “look inside you, feel better from within” nonsense and cuts straight to that claws-out competitive attitude that from personal experience, is the simplest and most rapid way to ruin self-esteem and friendships. I mean, have they even considered what people who look like the girl in the picture feel like when they look at this?

Maybe they think this is edgy humour…


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3 responses to “One more reason never to drink Bacardi Breezers

  1. Captain Nick


    It’s true though, and we all know it. It’s just pointing out a fact.

    What I think is pretty off is the last advert…..she clearly has some sort of disorder, which isn’t very nice to mock.

  2. Captain Nick

    PS. It’s clearly riffing off Ugly Betty, which is regarded as something of a feminist beacon.

  3. Captain Nick

    Although thinking about it, I’d bet that Bacardi Breezer drinkers are, as a demographic, less likely to adhere to the positive aesthetic ideals presented by society, so they’re probably crapping in the mouths of their average customer.


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