OCD fo’ life

OK, I might be just seeing things here, but to me this ad screams OCD HUMAN WOMAN BITCH WITH NO SENSE OF HUMOUR:

woman insurance

while this one, says “I’m just, some dude, doing dude stuff, I’m just chilled out and shit”

man insurance

Pink paper pad, pacer pen, super neat handwriting, no sense of humour v. blue background, less neat hand writing, relaxed tone and that ultimate symbol of modern masculinity: an Xbox. Am I projecting?


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5 responses to “OCD fo’ life

  1. Captain Nick

    I see professional business woman vs male perpetual student slob. In fact, *two* different unemployed lazy male slobs.

  2. Gotta say I agree with Nick here; they’re both obvious stereotypes that have been exploited in a cheaply produced ad.

    Sure, the woman is a bitch who explicitly doesn’t want to insure anyone else’s junk… but the guy is so hopeless and busy playing videogames he can’t get around to fixing a pipe before it explodes.

    Either way, not the kind of people I would want to live with.

  3. Captain Nick

    A pox on both their houses, the RACV apparently thinks.

  4. hankie

    Neither of them actually say which gender is doing the writing, do they? I think you’re not abnormal in thinking female for the first one and male for the second, Bhakthi, but I think the RACV (or whoever made their ads) *could* be given the benefit of the doubt and be assumed to be targeting the “OCD” and the “slob” demographics, regardless of gender. The second one was more effective for “selling” the insurance to me, and I know some guys who would nod along to the first one. So in answer to your question- yes, maybe you are projecting just a little.

  5. Captain Nick

    Crikey, you’re right.

    Given the Odd Couple reference, I’m now imagining the ad is Bert and Ernie, with a homoerotic subtext.

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